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As the country eases out of lockdown, Joanne Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, advises on the cleaning and hygiene measures businesses need to have in place to stay safe

Cleaning and hygiene have always been a vital cog in organisational success, but now, as the country slowly eases out of lockdown, they have risen to the top of companies’ agendas. Health and safety regulations state that employers have a duty of care for their staff, but with social distancing measures expected to stay in place until further notice, this responsibility has never been more important.

There are many things to consider to keep employees, visitors, and customers safe. Some measures may be short-lived, in existence only for the time that the coronavirus threatens our health, whilst others may survive longer-term and become standard practice. This could ultimately result in workplaces, leisure facilities, and restaurants becoming healthier spaces in the future.

Ensure facilities are hygienically clean before re-opening

Before workers, customers, or visitors return, premises should undergo a deep clean to eliminate any trace of bacteria. Whilst the risk of COVID-19 surviving on surfaces is likely to be reduced significantly after 72 hours, other harmful bacteria may still be present (MRSA, for example, can live on surfaces for weeks!). If they are not removed or destroyed effectively, they will multiply or mutate, increasing the likelihood of an outbreak of infection.

Operatives should use disposable cloths or paper roll, and disposable mop heads to clean all hard surfaces, floors, chairs, and sanitary fittings, together with a combined detergent disinfectant solution (at a dilution of 1,000 parts per million available chlorine). Any used cloths and mop heads must be put into waste bags and disposed of accordingly.

As well as the usual tasks on the cleaning check list (such as washrooms, flooring etc.), operatives should pay special attention to high traffic touch points within a facility. Lift buttons, telephones, and door handles are all places that can transfer harmful bacteria to hands, and, in turn, be moved onto new surfaces or transmitted to other people.

Washing our hands of the risk

Hand hygiene has become the mantra for 2020 and must continue. The fact that handwashing can break the chain of infection and prevent the spread of germs is not new knowledge. However, it is true to say, that pre-pandemic, it wasn’t practised effectively, for long enough, or indeed in some cases at all. Today’s awareness of its importance has never been greater, and it is key that businesses continue to influence hygienic behaviour.

Washroom facilities should be in good order, and must remain well-stocked. This means that operatives may need to monitor them more frequently to ensure that dispensers do not run empty. Employers should also ensure there are other opportunities for hand hygiene across the rest of their premises. Placing hand sanitiser stations around all communal areas, such as entrance/exits, reception areas, cafeteria and rest-break areas, meeting rooms, and employee work stations, will help to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Finally, make sure staff are confident with the correct procedures by placing wallcharts that highlight the best techniques.

Two metre markers

Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. However, humans are sociable beings and this does not come naturally to us – despite having been practising it since March. Reminders are, therefore, vital to ensure people remember; and visual aids will be key to this. For example, lines marked out on flooring, social distancing signs and matting can all help prompt responsible behaviour to maintain effective spacing between each other.

By implementing these infection prevention measures, businesses can get back to work, safe in the knowledge that they are doing everything possible to achieve a healthier workplace, and protect their employees, customers, and wider community.

back to work

Independent janitorial and cleaning distributor launches new resources to help ensure workspaces are ‘COVID-19 secure’

Jangro, the UK and Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has launched two new guides to help businesses prepare for the return to work, as the country eases out of lockdown. The first is about how to control the risk of COVID-19 via deep cleaning, whilst the second focusses on the importance of hand hygiene, with tips and advice to achieve compliance.

‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ is a handy guide, which aims to help cleaning operatives work more safely under the constant threat of coronavirus, whilst also helping businesses ensure that their premises are hygienically clean and ‘COVID-19 secure’. With infection control measures in place, organisations can begin resuming normal operations, with the confidence that their premises are safe and healthy places to work.

The guide covers key cleaning and hygiene topics, including: personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene, cleaning in non-healthcare settings, infection control colour coding, types of disinfectant and sanitiser, and the equipment required for wiping surfaces, floor care, and emergency spillages. It also includes advice for washing laundry, waste disposal, and signposts other support materials available, such as infection control guides and wallcharts and area cleaning charts.

The second pamphlet delves deeper into the ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’, and includes instructions for good handwashing practice, advice about the type of soap or cleansers to choose, and steps to help maintain good hygiene.  It also gives guidance for handwashing in facilities where children are present, such as schools and nurseries. Additionally, there is information about hand sanitising, including tips about the most effective locations to position hand sanitising stations within a building.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro comments, Cleaning and hygiene have always played an important role in society, but as the world battles against COVID-19, they have taken on added significance. Our two new guides aim to help businesses, in clear and easy to understand language, implement effective infection prevention measures. With these in place, they can rest assured that their workspaces are as clean, hygienic, and healthy as possible, thus preventing the spread of germs, and protecting staff, their families, and the wider community.’

Jangro’s new guides, ‘Deep Cleaning – Controlling the Risk’ and ‘Importance of Hand Hygiene’ can be downloaded from https://www.jangro.net/coronavirus.

showing support for cleaning operatives

Joanne Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, discusses how employers can support cleaning operatives both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and how, in doing so, can reap business benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the important role cleaning operatives play in society; keeping spaces clean and hygienic to protect others. At the moment, although most people are not leaving the safety of their homes, the critical work they do has taken on added significance, particularly in key sites such as hospitals, care homes, public transport and supermarkets. In fact, the ‘extraordinary' role of cleaners during the coronavirus crisis was recently paid tribute to in parliament by both the prime minister and the former leader of the opposition; they praised the ‘unsung heroes' of the public sector who ‘keep us safe' during the outbreak.

All too often, the valuable work of cleaning operatives goes unnoticed by others and they are held in low regard, or even worse, ‘invisible’. Clearly, during the current battle against coronavirus and the need for high hygiene standards and infection control, their work couldn’t be more important. Yet their job is always essential to the smooth running of any organisation, small or large – whether the country is in the grip of a health epidemic or not.

We should take care to ensure their important role in society is recognised even after this crisis has eased. As an industry, we need to help create and maintain an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for the work undertaken by cleaning operatives. We also have to change the perception of their job from one of being a series of mundane tasks to a critical part of any business.

Personal Protective Equipment

Businesses can show their cleaning operatives that they are valued by ensuring they are issued with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to safeguard against all manner of hazardous chemicals and risks they face when cleaning. During the pandemic, if the job involves cleaning premises where there have been possible or confirmed coronavirus cases, operatives should be provided with disposable gloves and an apron, as a minimum. Where a higher level of contamination may have been present, for example cleaning rooms that have been slept in by suspected sufferers of COVID-19, where there is visible contamination with body fluids, then surgical face masks and eye protection should be considered[1].


Training is absolutely vital in the cleaning sector, enabling operatives to perform their duties safely without risking their own, or others’ health. Additionally, not only will employees feel valued (after all you are investing in them), but well-trained employees will also work efficiently, cost-effectively and to a high standard.  

There are many quality training schemes available. At Jangro we offer an innovative e-learning system, which is available to all of our customers and their employees. It is optimised for all devices, meaning it is perfect for handy reference on-the-go. It is also proving popular for many furloughed operatives, who are using this time to brush up on their skills!

A fair wage

A hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. As an accredited Living Wage Employer, Jangro advocates, and is firmly committed to, fair pay that reflects the real cost of living. Operatives should be paid an hourly rate which reflects their performance and the value they bring to the business.

Unfortunately, there is frequently little long-term commitment to the sector. But by taking steps to invest in cleaning operatives and improve staff welfare, and demonstrating our appreciation, we can begin to change this – and, in turn, increase levels of loyalty and retention. This is not only good for the individual, it’s also good for business, as reducing staff turnover can help save valuable time and money spent on recruitment. Finally, these actions position the business as a caring employer, enhancing its own reputation, as well as the wider industry as a whole.

Cyber Security LMS course

Independent janitorial and cleaning distributor extends its award-winning training solution with new course, helping organisations to ‘Stay Safe Online’

With coronavirus prevention measures seeing an increasing number of people working remotely from home, many organisations are left vulnerable to online viruses, and now face IT, and particularly cyber security, challenges. Following reports that cyber-crime has increased due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Jangro is proud to introduce its latest addition to the innovative e-learning platform, Learning Management Solution (LMS).

Developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the module, entitled ’Stay Safe Online: Top Tips for Staff’, takes just 30 minutes to complete and introduces why cyber security is important and how attacks happen. The course addresses four key areas, including:

  • defending yourself against phishing
  • using strong passwords
  • securing your devices
  • reporting incidents (‘if in doubt, call it out’)

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro comments, ‘The current crisis has changed the way we work and live. Never before have so many employers been forced to let staff work from home to enable their business to keep operating on some level. Unfortunately, this has resulted in cybercriminals taking advantage of the increasing amount of time that we are all spending online.

‘It is increasingly important to understand why businesses might be vulnerable to cyber-crime, and how to defend themselves if this occurs. Jangro’s Cyber Security module does just that. By educating staff, employers can help keep their organisations safe from online scams and viruses.’

Available to all Jangro customers and their staff, the LMS is a highly innovative, fully interactive and accessible e-learning platform, which is optimised for all devices. As well as Cyber Security, there are also modules in Colour Coding and Infection Control, Sharps Handling, Health & Safety, Manual Handling, COSHH, Washroom Hygiene, and much more.

A key benefit of the LMS is that course lengths vary, enabling users to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows cleaning operatives to dip in and out of short sessions or longer sessions, making learning highly flexible and accessible. Jangro also offers Task Cards, which are brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information, to help busy operatives access best practice on the go.

For more information or advice, please visit http://jangrolms.net/

Ruby anniversary

2020 marks forty years of success for independent janitorial and cleaning distributor, Jangro

This year marks a milestone birthday for Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial and cleaning distributors in the UK and Ireland, as the business celebrates forty years of success in the cleaning and FM industry.

The Jangro concept was founded in 1980 by Bryan Squires, now Jangro’s Honorary Life President, by drawing together five like-minded independent distributors. In the past four decades, Jangro has become a dynamic force in the cleaning supply industry. Today it is the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland, with 46 strategically located distributors that provide national coverage with a local, fast and reliable delivery service.

Jangro truly appreciates the relationships it has built up and established over the past 40 years with its suppliers and members. Together, they regularly share best practice and ideas to ensure that Jangro continues to be a market leader providing quality products, innovation and unrivalled service throughout the group.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro comments, ‘Jangro is 40 and still going strong! This is a huge achievement and we wouldn’t be where we are today without our brilliant suppliers and members. Our shared passion for quality, value, and innovation is just one of the reasons behind our success. We value the relationships that have grown over the years and would like to say a massive thank you to the supply chain involved in the network.

‘At milestone moments such as these, it’s great to look back to see where we have come from, but equally important to keep looking ahead. Our vision for the future is to continue building on our great customer offer, and to work with our industry colleagues to ensure our sector maintains its high standards.’

As well as supplying high quality products at consistent, competitive prices, Jangro offers its customers added value. One such example is the Jangro LMS (Learning Management Solution, its fully interactive, versatile, and award-winning e-learning platform, to which each customer, and its staff has free access.

We are delighted to announce that Jangro is now ISO 27001 compliant.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's information risk management processes.

For Jangro, achieving ISO 27001 accreditation means that we are successfully staying ahead of the evolving information security threats. We are preventing the risk of an information security incident and thus keeping Jangro, as a business, safe from digital attacks.

The team at Jangro have worked on securing our IT systems in several ways. For example, we have added security passwords onto documentation within the organisation, as well as putting in place an ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) scanning process for all attachments to incoming emails.

Digital technology is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, thus creating an ever-growing threat to systems. This threat is causing the environment that businesses operate in to become complex and sometimes dangerous.

The 27001 standard enables us to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of our information by providing the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving ISMS.

With our ISO 27001 accreditation, we are demonstrating good security practices and securing all national account business data.

“We are very proud to have achieved another ISO accreditation. It is important to us that our management systems are meeting international standards to ensure that they are safe, reliable and great quality.

With technology being a top priority in recent years, we strive to ensure that all of our digital management systems are safe and secure. So, this accreditation helps to demonstrate our safe security practices to all of our stakeholders.” says Jo Gilliard, CEO at Jangro.

LMS Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Jangro is currently shortlisted for three awards!  

Our LMS (learning management solution) has been shortlisted in the Tomorrow's Care 2020 Awards, whilst our innovative Enviro Water Soluble Sachets, which launched late last year, are a finalist in both the Tomorrow’s Cleaning 2020 Awards and Tomorrow’s FM 2020 Awards.

Please VOTE for us using the links below: 

 Voting closes on Friday 13th March so get voting! 

Jangro LMS

Jangro's E-learning platform awarded CPD status

Jangro, the UK & Ireland's largest network of independent janitorial and cleaning distributors, has announced that its innovative training system, The Learning Management Solution has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

11 key modules have gained Continuous Professional Development certification. These are Carpet Care; COSHH Awareness; Colour Coding & Infection Control; Floor Care; Health & Safety; Housekeeping; Kitchen Hygiene; Manual Handling; Sharps Handling; Washroom Hygiene; and an Introduction to Cleaning.

A structured, practical and methodical approach to learning helps employers to retain key staff and develop the skills and knowledge to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. Jangro's LMS is designed to give its clients the tools to get their teams fully trained quickly, so that they can offer the very best cleaning service possible.

“We are passionate about making high quality and ongoing training as accessible as possible - this not only helps to ensure best practice is consistently achieved, but also safeguards the health and safety of the cleaning workforce,” says Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro.

“We are delighted that the LMS has been awarded CPD status. This accreditation offers customers additional assurance that the training we offer is relevant and of high quality. It allows operatives to continually stay up to date, keep safe whilst, ultimately, providing an excellent service.”

Available for free to all Jangro customers and their staff, this innovative, fully interactive and versatile e-learning platform is optimised for all devices. A key benefit of the LMS is that course lengths vary, with users able to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows them to dip in and out of sessions as required, making learning highly flexible and accessible. In addition, users may sign in with their social media log-ins, enabling even quicker and easier access to best practice and advice.

T: 01204 795 955

jangro announces award winners

The UK’s leading cleaning and janitorial suppliers gathered together on 25th June 2019 to celebrate the best in the industry at the annual Jangro Supplier Awards. The 2019 winners were revealed at a glittering ceremony, which took place at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Coventry.

The awards programme has been running for many years, and began with a single award for Supplier of the Year. Today, there are five categories which recognise excellence in environmental and sustainable initiatives, product quality, sales support, and service support.

The winners this year were:

▲ Best Enviro & Sustainable Initiative 2018: Colpac Packaging

▲ Best Product Quality 2018: Evans Vanodine

▲ Best Sales Support 2018: Metsa Group

▲ Best Service 2018: Robert Scott

▲ Supplier of the Year 2018: Metsa Group

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro, comments, “The awards are open to all Jangro approved suppliers – which in itself is not an easy status to achieve.

“These awards not only recognise our suppliers’ excellence, but also help ensure that our goals are aligned. We are proud that this has become a key event in the industry’s calendar, and commend all the fabulous work that has taken place over the past year. Congratulations to all this year’s winners!”

Dynamic network of janitorial distributors

Jangro, which stands for ‘Janitorial Group’, will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Founded in 1980 by Brian Squires, who is now its Honorary Life President, Jangro has become a dynamic force in the cleaning supply industry. Led by CEO Joanne Gilliard, today it is the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland. It has 46 strategically located distributors that provide national coverage with a local, fast and reliable delivery service.

Its superior buying power means it can supply excellent products at consistent, competitive prices. All the cleaning products on offer have been tested and have passed rigorous selection processes prior to receiving the official Jangro stamp of approval.

Each Jangro customer, and its staff, has free access to Jangro’s fully interactive and versatile e-learning platform. The Jangro LMS (Learning Management Solution) has grown phenomenally since it launched; and has won numerous prestigious industry awards.

Innovation is high on the agenda at Jangro, from its popular Enviro range, developed with the environment in mind, to cutting-edge technology. Earlier this year, Jangro introduced its first Virtual Room platform; whilst the launch of its Digital Wall Chart Creator clinched The Cleaning Show’s Management Systems Innovation Award.


The Jangro LMS has been shortlisted for two awards both to be announced during the Cleaning Show 2019 in London (19th – 21st March).

Tomorrows Cleaning Awards 2019 has returned for its eight year, we came very close last year with our Jangronauts Hand Washing Heroes (designed with children in mind) and this year the Jangro LMS has been shortlisted amongst many huge names in the industry which we are proud to be a part of. This comes in light of the additional Task Cards, added courses and a quick and easy login using social media.

Please VOTE for the Jangro LMS here: http://bit.ly/TomorrowsCleaningAwards2019

CSSA (Cleaning & Support Services Association) Training Award 2019 – We are delighted that the Award Champion the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) shortlisted the Jangro LMS for the training that the LMS has provided within the UK cleaning sector during the past 12 months. We have been shortlisted with four other companies and the winner will be announced on March 20th at a ceremony held at London ExCeL. For more information on how to get an invite, please contact the CSSA. More information here: https://cssa-uk.co.uk/our-finalists-for-the-cssa-training-award/

CHSA Audit


We are delighted to announce we have scored 99.7% in the latest UK Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) independent audit.

As one of the first distributors to be accredited by the CHSA Accredited Distributors Scheme, we are committed to raising the bar for quality and reliability in the industry. Purchasing from an Accredited CHSA member, like ourselves, guarantees transparency, and the assurance that every customer gets the exact quantity and quality of Soft Tissue, Cotton Mops or Plastic Refuse Sacks that they pay for.

Our distributor sites were randomly audited to check what percentage of products stocked, from their accredited schemes for Refuse Sacks, Soft Tissue and Cotton Mops, comply with their standards. In each category, the percentage of products offered by Jangro was close to 100% - and in fact, received the highest percentage when compared to the overall result of all CHSA Accredited Distributors. The report shows the following scores were achieved

  • Soft Tissue: 99.7% (98.6% overall)
  • Cotton Mops : 100% (99.9% overall)
  • Plastic Refuse Sacks: 99.4% (92% overall)

Joanne Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, comments, ‘We are thrilled with the results from the latest CHSA independent audit. This is an important process that offers Jangro customers confidence that our high standards are being consistently maintained, and which clearly demonstrates the benefits of partnering with a CHSA accredited distributor.’

Jangro Rooftop Runner

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who played our Christmas game. Over 500 score entries were entered into the prize draw – well done for those who reached over the 500m target.  It’s now time to announce the winners.  The prize for 1st and 2nd places on the scoreboard is a Jangro Goody Bag which is on the way to Mr Ian Fletcher who scored a whopping 7372 to clinch 1st place, followed by Alan Dennis scoring 7365 at 2nd place. Well done to you both.

The overall winner for the £100 Love2Shop Voucher is…. Laura Holmes – Well done Laura!

Keep checking back to our page for more competitions, news, reviews and more - https://www.facebook.com/JangroLtd/

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Catering & Hospitality Catalogue. It features many additions including more sustainable options than ever before, helping its customers to make environmentally friendly choices, at affordable prices.

To cater for this current high demand for eco-conscious products and wrapping, Jangro has introduced a brand-new sustainable food packaging range. Perfect for takeaway foods, these containers are made from recycled board and are recyclable, compostable and fully bio-degradable. The catalogue also features Jangro’s innovative Enviro range of cleaning and sanitising products, which include smarter packaging single use ‘sachets’, to avoid the use of traditional plastic bottles.

Other additions include a new FDA/EU approved hygiene brushware range; and allergen labels and kitchen equipment, including purple chopping boards. As well as offering commercial equipment, Jangro has also designed a smaller budget range to suit rental accommodation, such as student housing. This collection includes products such as kettles, toasters, microwaves and irons. There is also a commercial range of steam cleaners for deep cleans available.

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro comments “We are thrilled to launch our new Catering Catalogue – not only is it packed with everything a catering business needs, it also offers many products designed with the environment in mind. We are committed to helping our customers make more sustainable choices wherever possible. This means that we need to offer high quality, effective, and eco-friendly products, which are affordable.

“Our network’s increased buying power means we can offer excellent products at consistent, competitive prices, and since our independent members are strategically located around the UK and Ireland, we also offer national coverage combined with local, fast and reliable delivery service.”

The catalogue features all the essentials required for catering, leisure and hospitality businesses – including kitchen hygiene, utensils and equipment, cleaning chemicals, tableware and glassware, washroom supplies, work wear, janitorial and waste management.

For more information, or to order a free copy visit Jangro.net or call 01204 795 955.

October typically marks the beginning of the dreaded cold and flu season. Jangro CEO, Joanne Gilliard, discusses how cleaning and hygiene can limit the spread of seasonal viruses, and boost health and wellbeing this winter.

Each year, at around this time, we are warned of the dangers of influenza (‘flu’). Reports state that almost three times as many people died of the flu last year, compared to 2016, and that GPs also saw a major rise in patients suffering from flu-like symptoms. Not only is it an unpleasant experience for the patient, but there is also an impact on businesses too, when you consider the number of days lost due to illness, and its knock-on effect on productivity. One study estimated that, when looking specifically at the flu season, influenza cost the UK economy £1.35bn annually in lost working days.[1]

When it comes to infection and viruses, the old adage “prevention is better than cure” has never been truer. Bacteria can travel so easily; studies have shown that contaminated hands can sequentially transfer some viruses to up to seven surfaces, and fourteen people can be contaminated by touching the same object one after the other [2].  It has also been proven that pathogens can live on surfaces for days, weeks and even months! It is clear to see how one person’s illness can spread so quickly and widely!

However, the cleaning industry can play a key role in preventing the spread of these germs. By putting some simple infection control procedures in place, we can help break the chain of infection and prevent the spread of germs, boosting health, wellbeing and productivity.

Clean hands prevent cross contamination

Good hand hygiene is the primary, most important method of preventing cross contamination and the spread of bacteria. This simple act can prevent contamination in catering workplaces, protect visitors and patients from infection at healthcare facilities, and even help fight the increase of antibiotic resistance. Facilities should look for hygiene products which confirm to key standards including EN 1499, EN1276 and EN13727, and which can tackle pathogens effectively.

Having a range of options available can also increase the likelihood that a person will wash or sanitise their hands more regularly, and more effectively. Touch-free dispensers are becoming increasingly popular as they intuitively sense the hands and dispense the right amount of product. The fact that they are also touch-free enhances their hygiene rating. We also believe that it is important that children learn the importance of hand hygiene from a young age, and having a specially developed range of hand washing dispensers, such as the Jangronauts range, can help this be achieved in a fun, interactive and educational way.

Breaking the chain of cross-contamination

Cleaning operatives are key to breaking the chain of infection, by ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of surfaces. By hygienically cleaning common surfaces, pathogens can be destroyed at the source, and prevented from transferring to, and infecting susceptible people. It is crucial, however, that the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated by adopting a colour-coding system. This will ensure that certain cleaning tools and equipment are only used for specific areas or tasks, and will stop, for example a mop that has been used in a toilet, also being used in a food preparation area. Although there is no legislative requirement to operate a colour-coded cleaning regime, ideally all equipment within the different areas will be suitably colour coded.

Training for a healthier environment

All cleaning companies must ensure that their operatives know which products to use, and when and how to use them – Jangro offers a specific training module for this, as part of our award-winning e-learning platform, the Learning Management Solution (LMS). Offered free to all of our customers, the LMS offers versatile training, and can be accessed ‘on the go’ from smart devices as well as from PCs or laptops.

Once the concept of colour coding and how it effectively contributes to the prevention of infection is fully understood by cleaning operatives, you will be well on the way to ensuring a safer, healthier and more productive working environment.

Take the Infection Control and Colour Coding course by visiting our Jangro LMS website: www.jangrolms.net

As seen in October’s Tomorrows Cleaning.

[1] http://hrnews.co.uk/will-flu-sickies-hit-staff-productivity-season/

[2] Barker J, Vipond IB, Bloomfield SF. J Hosp Infect 2004, 58:42-49

A big well done to Amy Joanne Thomas (main winner) Megan Elizabeth Thomas and Krystal King - Amy Joanne Thomas was selected at random to win the Catering Competition. You and two friends have won the food service kits worth £450. Each kit consists of; 3x 34cm High Heat Spatulas, 2x 30cm Tongs, 2x 7.6L Square Containers (23.14 x 22.34 x 22.20cm), 2x 7.6L Square Container Lids and 3x Chopping Boards (38cm x 50cm). I am sure you will make full use of these in your kitchens.

We will look forward to seeing your winning images when they come through. We would like to thank you all for entering the competition but unfortunately there can only be one winner. Please keep checking back to our Facebook and Twitter  pages for further competitions coming soon.

Due to the rise in demand for environmentally conscious products and packaging, Jangro, the UK and Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial distributors, is now offering its national account customers the latest sustainability innovations as a core benefit.

All products from Jangro have been comprehensively assessed with a low overall environmental impact in mind, from the raw materials used, to logistics, packaging and recycling. There is also a dedicated range designed to reduce users’ carbon footprints. The Jangro Enviro Concentrates collection are high concentration and low dosage products, which minimise the amount of product wasted, and significantly reduce amount of plastic packaging sent to landfill.

Due to their superior buying power – there are currently 45 members in the network – Jangro is able to offer these sustainable, high quality cleaning products at consistent, competitive prices. Jangro can also help reduce customers’ overall spend, by rationalising products required and building a smaller, and more cost-effective range for sites.

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, comments, “Sustainability is an important issue for our industry, especially with the recent crackdown on plastic packaging. Supporting our customers to make sustainable choices remains high on our agenda, and so we are always innovating to offer high quality, more environmentally conscious products and packaging, without undue price increases.”

Other key benefits of being a Jangro national account holder include:

  • A unique health and safety compliance solution called site manager, containing Safety Data Sheets, COSHH risk assessments and process risk assessment documents.
  • A high quality of service at all times. Jangro offers one point of contact, for ordering, invoicing, or any enquiries so there’s never any confusion about who to speak to.
  • A state-of-the-art e-commerce ordering system that can integrate with big name ERP systems such as Sage, SAP and Merlin.
  • A budget management system, to keep track of funds and spending power
  • Access to Jangro’s award-winning e-training platform, Learning Management Solution (LMS)
  • National coverage combined with a local, fast and reliable delivery service, thanks to the strategic locations of Jangro independent members across the country.

To qualify for a Jangro National Account, customers must have multi-sites across the UK and Ireland. For more information, or to apply, visit https://www.jangro.net/national-distribution, email c.hubert@jangrohq.net or call 01204 795 955.

A recent analysis of Jangro’s Learning Management Solution (LMS) shows a sharp rise in courses completed, including its NEW Manual Handling module and the introduction of three new Task Cards

A recent analysis of Jangro’s award-winning online training programme, the Jangro Learning Management Solution (Jangro LMS), has demonstrated that commercial cleaning companies are realising the benefits of training their workforce.  

Jangro’s fully interactive e-learning platform has grown phenomenally since it launched; and is offered free to all its customers and their staff. Data highlights that over the last year, there has been a huge spike in completed courses (an increase of 175%), and if you take into account courses that are close to completion, the figure is over 300%.

This is not just a UK trend either – the analysis highlights a growing awareness internationally, with a 10% rise in overseas training, from countries including Ireland, France, USA and Australia. The most popular courses completed were COSHH training (25%), and, in second place with 12.7%, was Jangro’s new course on Manual Handling.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, comments, “The analysis of our LMS makes for fascinating reading, and is a microcosm of our industry. It has highlighted that companies really are taking a key interest in the health, safety and well-being of their employees. It also shows that operatives themselves are eager to learn, and with the rise of smartphones and tablets, online training has never been more accessible to them”.

The Jangro LMS offers courses with varying lengths that allow users to train remotely at times that suit them, and to dip in and out of sessions as required, and is optimised for all devices. Jangro also offers a versatile system to ‘train on the go’ with their Task Cards – brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information. Operatives may now also sign in with their social media log-ins, making it even quicker and easier for them to access best practice and advice.

Another three of these bite-sized guides have recently been introduced, bringing the total number of Task Cards to six:

The Jangro Learning Management Solution is designed to give their customers the tools to get their teams fully trained quickly, so that they can offer the very best cleaning service possible. For more information or advice, please visit http://jangrolms.net/

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